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Cirrus was established in 1995 with a simple vision - to protect and enhance the environment. The founding owners; William Hasegawa, Derek Hasegawa and Greg Whyte, all came from different professional backgrounds; including engineering, science and business, but were committed to the idea that organizational performance could be improved through business-focused environmental solutions. To us, that meant approaching things a little differently.

Our Approach

Instead of jumping from project to project, we focused on becoming a trusted long-term partner, helping to drive continual improvement. Our team encouraged a comprehensive approach to problem solving that considered - technical, regulatory, financial and managerial issues on an equal footing.

Our goal was to reduce environmental risk and environmental liability within an organization
while simultaneously minimizing the financial cost to achieve both.  

Over the last two decades this approach has improved the environment and paid great dividend for our clients.  We’ve lead multi-stakeholder teams that have created safe and sustainable development around landfills; developed and implemented pro-active, risk-focused environmental management systems; worked with regulators to implement innovative strategies that improved the quality of data being collected at hundreds of contaminated sites while reducing monitoring costs; and, we’ve executed risk-based clean-up strategies for large-scale Brownfield projects, such as Quarry Park in Calgary Alberta, allowing these lands to return to productive use. 

We’re proud of our achievements, and feel fortunate to have earned the trust of so many organizations
in both the private and public sectors - across western Canada.

Looking Ahead

As we look forward to the next twenty years, we see a world of opportunity.  The cost of poor performance, to our environment, our society, our economy and our quality of life, continues to rise.  Correspondingly, the need to effectively manage and improve organizational performance as it relates to the environment has never been greater.  At Cirrus we’re still committed to our original goal of simultaneously reducing environmental risk, environmental liabilities and cost through an integrated approach. Never content to rest on our laurels, we will continue to grow and improve. Our dedicated professionals will consider all aspects of a problem, dedicate themselves to collecting good data, consider innovative technology and strategies, and use good business sense to help our clients meet new challenges.