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To verify and support performance

Cirrus helps you verify that key systems are in place and performing as required. Our valued-added approach to auditing can help you focus on improving performance in key areas, and build on key strengths across the organization. Our certified and accredited auditors have experience with upstream, mid-stream and downstream oil and gas facilities, energy generation and transmission, petrochemical facilities, landfills, oilfield waste facilities and heavy industry.

Management System Audits

Our experience with a myriad of private as well as governmental organizations helps us to provide a balanced approach to auditing. We want the audit process to add value to your organization by identifying those things that can be improved, as well as those strengths that should be propagated across the organization. We employ a “no-surprises” auditing approach. We take the time to communicate and engage your team at each step along the way so that everyone is comfortable with the results - before the final report is issued.

  • ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 audits
  • Stand alone, or integrated quality, environment, and health and safety audits.
  • Client specific management systems
  • Development of client specific audit protocols

Compliance Audits

Achieving, maintaining and demonstrating compliance with all applicable laws and legislation is paramount to most organizations. Verifying compliance from time to time is a critical for proving the efficacy of management systems and programs to regulators and other key stakeholders. We have a deep understanding of to identify and interpret regulatory requirements. Our seasoned compliance audit team focuses on the details but also looks for the systemic issues that underlie non-compliance. We can help you understand where and how to re-focus your organization, and make compliance sustainable.

Areas of expertise also include:

  • Identifying applicable rules and regulations
  • Protocol development
  • Client-specific reports