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Environmental Consulting

Data collection and analysis. Risk and liability assessment

We identify, assess and develop strategies to mitigate the risks and liabilities associated with environmental contamination in soil, water and sediment. Our engineers and geoscientists have the technical expertise and experience to provide a variety of perspectives and identify practical solutions.

Phase I, Phase II and Delineation ESAs

Cirrus has conducted thousands of Phase I, Phase II and Delineation environmental site assessments across all western Canadian provinces. We know how to design and execute effective sampling and monitoring programs for contaminants in a variety of environmental media. Our approach is to understand the end-point(s) for a site before conducting any fieldwork. This means listening, selecting/developing the appropriate guidelines, mining and re-interpreting existing data and building conceptual site models if warranted. Then and only then, do we execute a carefully designed field program.

Risk Assessment

The Cirrus team of risk-assessors and scientists are focused on helping site managers achieve regulatory closure. In many cases, this means exploring options outside of Tier I Guidelines. We have successfully developed risk-based guidelines using a Tier 2 approach at oil and gas and Brownfield sites across western Canada. We help you understand the advantages (and limitations) of using strategies based on modified-generic guidelines, site-specific guidelines or exposure control. Our experience includes risk-based strategies for:

  • petroleum hydrocarbons
  • chlorinated solvents
  • salts
  • metals
  • methane
  • acetone

Liability Assessments

We have a deep knowledge of operations and practices that give rise to environmental contamination. We also understand how a variety of contaminants behave and interact with the environment, and the efficacy of different strategies, methods and technologies for managing environmental contamination. Cirrus has years of experience preparing liability estimates in support of due diligence for property acquisitions and divestitures, and for expert witness testimony in disputes over environmental contamination.

  • Design data collection programs
  • Guideline development
  • Legal sampling
  • Data mining and re-interpretation
  • Detailed cost estimates
  • Feasibility studies
  • Contaminant fate and transport modelling
  • Site conceptual models
  • Liability estimates that conform to requirements established by the ERCB and other regulatory agencies

Remediation and Environmental Construction

Cirrus has successfully planned and managed hundreds of remediation and environmentally sensitive construction projects. From planning to regulatory closure, we understand the entire project cycle. Most importantly, we have the experience to work with construction contractors and operational staff to ensure that the project meets time and budget targets.

Our experience ranges from straightforward dig and haul projects, to multi-million dollar bioremediation, chemical oxidation, surfactant enhanced remediation and thermal desorption projects at complex sites including: landfills, oil and gas facilities, utility corridors, electrical substations and heavy industrial facilities. We have expertise in the following areas:

  • Project Management
  • Treatability studies
  • On-site screening of soil, water, gases and decommissioned material
  • Waste management
  • Equipment decontamination plans